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In the midst of the pandemic some parts of life haven’t been all that different. I’m still trying to find pain relief following a car accident three years ago. That has limited my ability to do things that I want and it has caused me to give up huge parts of my life. While that continues, I have to find the new things that will fill my mind, my time, my life. 

Writing is very important to me. it is like air…it helps me to express things, though many times the words are not quite adequate. Still, I try…it is effortless when the mood strikes, but I have strayed a bit from my daily practice. It is a good mechanism to release the things that are bothering us. it is a good way to chronicle the good things and it gives us a way to provide perspective outside of our heads. 

Back to the practice. In so many things that I am trying to accomplish I come back to the practice. The way that we get better at something is to practice. they way that we incorporate something new into our lives is practice. The way that we choose to live can also be a practice. I am looking to be the practice, to embody the things that I feel, the things I believe, the things that I dream to be…being and becoming…we are a constant evolution. 

I received a book from a friend on Thursday. We’d spoken of it awhile ago and it sounded like a good read. It is Feel Better in 5* by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. The concept of making small shifts and incorporating new practices into my life is straight up my alley.  

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