Sometimes You Just Need Peace

Within the past two days a friend has lost a child, another has passed away from cancer, another is fighting for his life. The holidays are upon us and we remember those far away and those no longer here. The new and social media outlets are rife with disagreements, discords, twisted truths and flat-out lies. It all has a price. Then, on top of all of that, there are the regular stressors, work, family, friends, hopes, dreams, reality, bills, taxes. Any of the many religious or non-religious festivities you may participate in. People you want to see, people you don’t want to see…and all those in between. Stop…breathe, another breath, and another.

Find a quiet space, just for a few minutes, close your eyes, breathe, maybe plug your ears, maybe visualize your happy place. Just for a few moments, BE your happy place. You can handle the rude people a little better. You can shrug off the criticism a little easier. You can smile…which is an amazing lift to the soul. You can exist just in that perfect place, in peace, where nothing else exists but that moment.

No one is allowed in without permission. Easier said than done. Whether it’s the one who just loves to get your goat, make you miserable. Whether it is the one who won’t understand your need for time and space. Whether it is the one who doesn’t want rules, the limits, the expectations. Whether it is the one who wants attention again, and again, and again. Nothing is worth your peace, nothing is worth your happiness, nothing is worth your time and attention, unless you make it so. Choose wisely, choose well, choose happy. Be happy and then be happy again and again.

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