What do you want?

The Spiral Theory is an interesting concept. The idea that we move through things in a spiral rather than linear manner. This would explain why things resurface when we think that we’ve dealt with them. Perhaps we’ve peeled back a layer and it is enough for the moment. Perhaps we are not ready to go any deeper at this time, but need to move onto the next item for a little while. Many times we find later that there is more work to be done, that we reapproach the subject from a slightly different angle and something new clicks…a new epiphany comes. I had one of the moments today. I was listening to a YouTube video, as I often do while driving.

The one disadvantage to listening to things in the truck is…that it is hard to take notes and so some concepts escape me until I can get to a stopping point, to write them down. Thankfully I remember many while journaling later in the day. It is important to process these moments…not to overanalyze, but to find use in them, to gain a deeper perspective on ourselves and our transformation. Peeling back the layers, unbecoming all of the programming of twenty years, thirty years and more…it is work. Sometimes we can get a little serious about it, sometimes it can be challenging to stay light, especially when we figure out something about ourselves that we don’t particularly like. It can be difficult to relate to others when we see something in them that we hadn’t previously seen. We are all a work in progress, but you owe it to yourself to take the time that you need. What do you want in this life?

You are only here to be you. If you know what that looks like, bravo. If you have some idea, but not quite how to get there, take the time to examine what you want a bit more, give it attention and things will come to you. If you have no clue, you may be tempted to plod along, doing what you are “supposed to do”. That is like accepting what the world decides you should have…I vehemently disagree with this approach. You came here to be something, to do something, figure it out and go do it. You may be tempted to ask someone what you should do…that is like asking someone else to eat your sandwich for you, or asking someone else to choose your clothes…you’ll end up hungry still and possibly naked. Only you an know what fits for you and you are worth the time it takes to figure out what you need, who you are and you are brilliantly you. Not everyone will get you, that is ok, there is something mysterious in being a little different. It has the hint of adventure, the allure of the unknown. It makes for an exciting ride. You are worth it.  What do you want?



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